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The Aims of CSKX are to:

- empower individuals by fostering creativity, self-esteem, well-being and the acquisition and development of skills;

- help individuals to develop visual literacy;

- identify and respond to individuals interests and needs within a collaborative approach;

- offer creative activities that are relevant to young and older individuals in particular;

- enable cross-generational interaction, teaching and learning by encouraging mentoring and reverse mentoring;

- contribute to the professional development of artist teachers;

- reach out to and encourage involvement of social groups in arts and cultural activities;

- address local needs by promoting social inclusion and facilitating community engagement;

- promote community engagement between people of different ages and groups;

reinforce connections to place and community;

- increase the availability of and access to creative and cultural activities, with a focus on the visual arts;

- establish support systems and partnerships, locally, nationally and internationally, to enable effective local delivery;

- explore and test collaborative working models;

- enable collaborative and sharing networks.

The objectives of CSKX are:

- offer collaborative arts education workshops, in particular for:

young people whose engagement in creative activities has been curtailed due to reductions and cuts in arts funding;

- older members of the community who are at risk of becoming increasingly isolated.

- Support artist teachers through training and employment, enabling them to undertake their work and develop skills;

- engage with participants in a reflexive manner, taking into consideration their individual interests and concerns in each projects development, and offering practical support to fulfil their creative ambitions;

- promote the sharing of skills, knowledge and experience during workshops;

- facilitate dialogue and interaction among participants during workshops, with a view to building longer-term connections, relationships and partnerships;

share workshop outcomes in the form of exhibitions, performances and events, as a means of celebrating achievement, encouraging discussion and widening engagement;

- design high-quality and innovative arts education workshops;

- conduct ongoing research and collaborate with community groups and sites of pedagogy to identify needs in the community;

- develop projects in collaboration with partners to ensure relevance to all involved;

- engage in dialogue and organise visits, talks, meetings and other events to maintain an active presence and interaction with partner organisations and other stakeholders;

- seek advice and help from local, national and international arts, community and education organisations so as to be able to develop projects and ensure the work remains relevant to sites of practice, partners and participants;

- evaluate each project in association with partners and participants, using a range of methodologies;

- use findings of project evaluations to inform the development of sustainable practice;

- distribute findings amongst partners and networks as a way of encouraging the sharing of lessons learnt.