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artists - current and past collaborators

Current Collaborators:

Daniel Regan - photographer - www.danielregan.photography/

Dolores Fasulo - illustrator - http://doloresfasulo.blogspot.com

Serena Nassini - painter and musician - www.serenanassini.com

Ritu Sood - www.ritu-sood.com/

Anna Winstanley

Elsbeth Van der Poel - https://elsbethillustrations.wordpress.com

Antonia Attwood - https://antoniaattwood.com/

Associated Artists:

Paola Piccato - dancer - www.arts.clara.net/arts/Paola_Piccato.html

Jo Syz - Filmmaker and photographer - www.josyz.com

Aida Gomez - www.aidagomez.info/contact

Victoria Coster - Mixed/multi-media - www.victoriacoster.com

Bunny Schendler - Film and animation - http://bunnyschendler.blogspot.com

Artists who have worked with, exhibited and been commissioned by CSKX include:

Gareth Jones, Terry Smith, Nicky Hirst, Carolyn Roy, Ingrid Hoglund, Sonja Alhauser, Betina Hoffmann, Day Hays, Tracey Emin, Sarah Lucas, Andrew Davenport, Jane and Louise Wilson,


Craig Sheppard, Bettina Schmid, Paul Shearsmith

CSKX Studios is an artist led Charity based in Camden, London, undertaking collaborative arts projects within education and across local communities.
Contact: contact@cskx.org
Company No.: 3426424 (England and Wales)
Registered Charity No.:1067478