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The initial aim of the Art Bag project was to offer art materials to those in need and affected by Covid-19. At a time when CSKX was stopped from undertaking its work, this was believed to be a way of reaching out to the community to offer materials to support creative engagement.

We have been working with and distributing the Art Bag through a number of Camden based community organisations: Euston Foodbank; Young Camden Foundation (YCF); Sankofa Story Telling Arts; Sidings Community Centre; and SirHvHArts.

The Art Bag's were shared as part of the Art&Foraging project in the summer, 2021, undertaken with YCF, and the Bag's will continue to be central to CSKX activities.

The materials contained in the hand printed Bags are usually: a sketchbook, a choice of a watercolour block or water soluble pencils, pencils, eraser and paint brush.

Up to now the majority of Art Bags have been shared with young people, we would like to broaden our reach to also share these with older community members.


Sharing the Art Bag's at Euston Foodbank

example of Art Bag materials

The Art Bag's were shared with participants of the CSKX Art&Foraging project

Art&Foraging on Hampstead Heath


The Art Bag has been supported by:

Camden Council & The Young Camden Foundation

Arts Council

All our projects are dependent on available funding. If you are able to support our work, we look forward to hearing from you.

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