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Sense&Memory - Free Space Project at Kentish Town Health Centre I - Spring 2019

Sense&Memory at the Free Space Project was undertaken as a pilot project. It consisted of five workshops that brought together participants who were affiliated with the health centre or were already familiar with the activities at the Free Space Project.

The sensory workshops were introduced and undertaken as a collaborative group activity, with an emphasis on exploring and developing the project , as well as discussion within the group.

For some participants who enjoyed creative activities but had limited experience, it was an opportunity to explore and develop these interests. Since the pilot phase ended, workshop members have continued to meet on their own, to work on the projects they began at the Free Space Project. Some of the participants are considering taking this interest further by pursuing arts education courses.

The second stage of workshops at the Free Space Project will begin on August 1, 2019. See the Current Projects page or visit the Free Space Project website to sign up

The project was a collaboration between Free Space Project and CSKX.

Dates: 5 workshops - Spring 2019.

With many thanks to the Daniel and Antonia.


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