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Sense&Memory - Royal Free Hospital School and the Hospitals Geriatric Wards - Summer Term 2019

During weekly workshops, students from the Royal Free Hospital School explored a range of sensory responses, which they then took to the wards to share with the older patients in the hospital.

Each week, health professionals in the wards were asked to suggest patients who might enjoy and benefit from spending time and interacting with young people. The young people introduced these patients to sensory stimulation, including sounds, tastes and smells, as a means of eliciting ideas and memories. The older patients were free to respond with words and pictures. In most cases, the students then captured these responses using text and occassionally photography or other creative means.

In view of the sensitive nature of hospital environments, this project was run by only 2 artists (whereas 7 artists were employed in other Sense&Memory projects). Lead artist Leo Smith worked closely with Ritu Sood to ensure continuity for the students, patients and staff, and to promote a better understanding of the environment and closer working relationships, especially on the wards.

This project is a collaboration between The Royal Free Charity, the Royal Free Hospital School and CSKX.

Dates: 6 workshops during the 2019 summer term.

With many thanks to the teachers, support staff and head at the Royal Free Hospital School; Gill at the Royal Free Charity who made the project possible; and all the staff and patients on Ward 10 North and Ward 8 West at the Royal Free.


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