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Weekly and holiday meet-up, outdoors

Age: 11-18yrs

Meeting, whenever possible, Outdoors - Hampstead Heath, parks and squares.

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The Art Club plans to support young peoples creativity through art workshops that:

Are free

Encourage individual interests

Introduce ways of working and making

Introduce different artists

Supply art materials

Work outdoors to explore local spaces and available resources

Visit museums and galleries


Sign up for information, to register and take part in planning meetings.

And if you would like to discuss the project call Leo: 020 8001 5357

Questions for participants:

Where would you like to meet?

When would you like to meet - after school/evenings/weekends/holidays?

Do you have any particular art interests you'd like to explore and develop?

Further info will be posted here in due course:

Project lead: Leo Smith, Creative Director CSKX Studios

Sound instruments created for the Sense&Memory project

All our projects are dependent on available funding. If you are able to support our work, we look forward to hearing from you.

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