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Sense&Memory - A cross generational community project-Stage I

The First stage of Sense&Memory was an intergenerational arts project based in Camden. During artist-led workshops, young people and older community members took each of the 5 senses in turn - exploring sensory experience and memory through a range of creative media, including photography, video, sculpture, sound, text and painting.

The exhibition at the Greenwood Centre brought together a range of works made during the project. Although it didn't include work from everyone who took part in the workshops (over 300 people), it did include work from each participating organisation, showing the work of around 100 people.

At the Royal Free Hospital, young people at the Hospital School explored sensory stimulation and then used these experiences and creative approaches to share and engage with older people on the Hospital's Geriatric Wards. This was an unusual approach, both for the school and the hospital, and a stimulating an interesting experience for all involved. We are in discussion with the school to see how this can be continued and developed further.

At Gospel Oak School, workshops began in the school then moved to Kentish Town City Farm, where students shared their explorations with older community members. One aim of the project has been to put control in the hands of the young people - reverse mentoring - at the Farm the young people led the project and shared creative methods as well as technical knowledge, such as using video equipment.

Workshops at Free Space Project were open to users of Kentish Town Health Centre, as well as local residents. Summer workshops at Kentish Town City Farm were open to visitors to the Farm, and young people, families and older residents connected to Queen's Crescent Community Centre and the Castlehaven Centre. North London Cares brings together older community members and young professionals, the workshops at Kentish Town Community Centre helped to stimulate interesting conversations and collaborative working amongst the participants.

For Sense&Memory, CSKX Studios has collaborated with: North London Cares at Kentish Town Community Centre; Free Space Project at Kentish Town Health Centre; Queen's Crescent Community Association, Kentish Town City Farm, and Gospel Oak School; and the Royal Free Hospital. The project has been led by the artist and Creative Director of CSKX, Leo Smith, who has collaborated with a different artist for each sense: Ritu Sood, Anna Winstanley, Elsbeth Van der Poel, Antonia Attwood and Daniel Regan. Two artists have also been employed on the project as mentees: Sia Sumana and Dolores Fasulo. We are very greateful to the Greenwood Centre, where the final exhibition was held.

Sense&Memory has been made possible with the financial support from Arts Council England/The National Lottery; as well as from The Royal Free Hospital Charity and Tesco/Groundwork.

Sense&Memory - The Exhibiton, was at: Greenwood Centre / CDA, Kenitsh Town, London - September & October 2019



Gospel Oak Primary School and Kentish Town City Farm, in association with Queens Crescent Community Association.

Royal Free Hospital

North London Cares at Kentish Town Community Centre

Free Space Project at Kentish Town Health Centre


The project was supported by:

Arts Council England

Royal Free Charity

Tesco/Groundwork community funding programme

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